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The VGuard Universal is designed to minimize line snag points when using an action camera, specially during canopy deployment, to make your jumps safer and even more FUN!
It was specially designed to be used in helmets with flat surfaces facing forward, or any other vertical flat surface. It may be locked in place with the aid of 2 M5 screws, or VHB adhesive tape.
It allows some degree of rotation, to allow the removal of the camera from the housing, without having to remove the housing from the mount..

Just provide the required dimensions, in millimeters, to adjust it to your camera case.

Kit includes:

  • 1 VGuard 4
  • 1 M5x20 slotted screw
  • 1 M5 nut

Weight: ~24 grams (without foundation screws)

Dimensions (W x H): 33 x 32

3D printed in ABS plastic, 100% recyclable.

Optional: The distance between the foundation screws may be adjusted by special request. To apply this modification, their position must be shifted upwards from their current position.

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