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dEVIANprint mounts are engineered for safety and ease of use. Their design eliminates practically all snag points when using a GoPro or similar action cameras, or without a camera.

The mounts are 3D printed with TPU, a rubber like material extremely durable and flexible, perfect for the extreme conditions you may encounter during flight. It is more than capable of handling those impacts against door frames during exits, and the casual FUN jumper that doesn't know how to pull the brakes!


  • Insta 360 One X3
  • HELMET: choose your helmet using the options

Mounting options:

1) Screws and neoprene tape. Fix it on the helmet with two M4 chamfered head screws. DRILLING helmet is required.

Due to the small contact are between the mount and the helmet, the VHB adhesive tape option is not available because it cannot guarantee enough adhesion to securely hold the mount to the helmet.

DISCLAIMER: dEVIANpRINT accepts no liability to any changes made to the helmet that might compromise its integrity and safety performance.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Mount
  • 1 Knob with M6 screw
  • 2 M4x16 screws
  • 2 M4 nyloc nuts
  • 2 washers

NOTE: Does not include Insta 360 camera, frame or housing.

3D printed in TPU (Thermoplastic Polyuretane), 100% recyclable.

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