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The Line Guard G3 Uinversal is designed to minimize line snag points when using a action camera with a Cookie G3 helmet. Specially during canopy deployment, to make your jumps safer and even more FUN!

Initially designed for the GoPro cameras, it can be resized to be used with other similar cameras. Just provide us the required dimensions, and we will adapt the model to fit your camera.

Mounting options:

1) It can fixed on to the helmet with two M4 screws with chamfered head, to minimize discomfort and damage to your head. And a bottom neoprene cover underneath, so it doesn't scratch or damage your helmet.

2) VHB adhesive tape to glue it directly on your helmet, so you don't have to drill it. ATTENTION: the VHB adhesive tape is the same used on the GoPro adhesive mounts, and has a strong adhesive power. Not suitable for those who want to mount and dismount the LGG3 regularly.

3) Screws and VHB double sided adhesive tape (select the "VHB adhesive tape" option).

Kit includes:

  • 1 Main body
  • 1 M5x30 slotted screw
  • 1 M5 nut
  • 2 M4x15 screws
  • 2 M4 nuts
  • 2 washers

Weight: ~32 grams

Dimensions (W x H): 73 x 25 x 36.5 mm

3D printed in ABS plastic, 100% recyclable.

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